Web application development: enhance your business productivity

Our company is engaged in the professional development of difficult hi-tech software, automatization, and optimization of business processes, creation of web and mobile applications.

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In recent years the central tendency of the IT market is growth of mobile and web applications popularity. Be on trend together with our company: we successfully cope with projects of any complexity - from simple presentation applications to the difficult integrated API systems.

Web development services

Web development in the understanding of our team is something more, than just setting up of CMS and creation of the websites. Speaking about the design, we imply the development of complex online projects integrated with information systems of customers.

Web app creation for business prosperity

With a proper web app you not only reach the potential customers and convert them into your loyal clients, but it also can help to optimize your business and propel it to a new level.
  • Web technologies give a lot of opportunities to become visible for customers and bypass the competitors;
  • Web apps provide constant and multi-category feedback from advertisers, consumers, and businesses;
  • They can streamline internal and external functionality and everyday processes;
  • You can take all the advantages of versatility and flexibility of the Internet opportunities;
  • Web-based applications offer an innovative lead-up of interaction with online users.

The benefits of web applications

  • The user doesn't need to install heavy-weight software. Everything required for full operation is the browser which is usually delivered together with an operating system and Internet access.
  • Web applications are not demanding to resources and do not impose any requirements to a hardware platform. Besides, there are no problems with the support of old versions of programs and backward compatibility. There is only one version in which all users work.
  • Web-based apps allow to be mobile and to reduce administrative workload. In fact, you can work on a network, save results on the server and, in a case of need, have access from everywhere - you will need only the Internet connection.
  • Using the HTML5 technology, our programmers will develop an app that will perfectly work on any device from a smartphone to a desktop of your potential or existing clients and remote staff.

Our experience

Our developers can create an innovative app solution based on your idea, embodying your vision in code with the most advanced technologies. During the years of experience, they have created proper web solutions for the most various industries and equipped a lot of businesses with efficient software. All we need to know- your business objectives and the problems an app should solve. Rely on our expertise and get an effective tool for any purpose.
Areas of competencies
  • Our software developers worked more than five years with various programming languages including PHP, Java, ASP.NET, CSS and with HTML5. Based on their experience and skills, collected over years of successful work, they can create software to optimize the core processes of your enterprise:
  • Document flow management systems: decisions are used for creation, editing, and storage of documents, and also the direction of a paper flow. The software our company produce can be integrated into complex management systems of your enterprise, or to serve as the isolated decision for electronic document flow.
  • Workflow management systems: simplify management in large companies enabling to assign work to the people responsible for its accomplishment. Our solutions in the field of workflow management are universal and can be easily integrated into the existing information systems of your company.
  • Integration of corporate systems: today's companies use a set of diverse applications which need to be coordinated among themselves for the achievement of the maximum operating efficiency. Our company has the vast experience of intermediary environments development allowing us to develop optimal solutions for integration of applications intended for different platforms.
All together: software developers, creative designers, and QA team achieved high proficiency in web application development. Our company uses the latest IT technologies to develop innovative applications and websites.
Client-comes-first approach
Our company focuses on a customized decision for your exact needs. From the very beginning, we put you in the head of the development process. Your input is an important component of your company best app. Constant communication permit not only meets all your requirements and expectations but even exceed them. Whether you are a big established enterprise or a startup company we would love to cooperate with you.
QA tests
Our company provides high-quality results thanks to the established process of creation. We deliver multifunctional, engaging and user-friendly applications without any bugs or errors. Every app we make pass strict QA tests to prepare it for real world use. We do not stop working your app till its performance, navigation, features, and appearance meet our highest quality standards.
Custom development assistance
We always provide our clients technical support and assistance not only during the development but also after launch of the finished product. We would be happy to perform updates or upgrades if needed and answer all the questions about functionality and other technical issues.
Web app frameworks and coding guidelines
As professionals in IT industry, we use numerous sources and tools to streamline and improve our development process and make our products meet coding standards. Various app frameworks we use promote code reuse and speed programming process allowing to implement sophisticated functionality and develop complex web apps much faster and more efficiently. This also considerably simplifies designers work - they can make changes without a programmer help. Our developers also follow coding guidelines to standardize coding logic, file names, folder structure and many other things that create a good environment for programmers who work on the same project and make the source code more readable and comprehensive.
Bespoke web app development
The software we develop is tailored to your business requirements and needs. Our company guarantees better efficiency, performance and visual attractiveness with a proper personalization and customization. Our software solutions will add tangible value to your company and will pay off in the closest time. Our team is engaged in the complete development process to provide you the high-quality software.
Our services
Among the tailor-made software solutions, implemented by our team:
  • Project planning
  • Elaboration
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and support
We optimize software for your business needs creating an application boosting your company’s performance.
Cloud application development
Cloud computing is a model of convenient network access provision in the mode of "on-demand" to the collectively used set of the adjusted computing resources (for example, networks, servers, storages of data, applications and services) which the user can quickly involve under the tasks and release with minimum efforts.Cloud computing draws attention of the entities and users, and many applications are already transferred to a cloud. Our company develops foremost and optimized for performance cloud apps combining advantages of web and desktop software:
  • Cloud applications are displayed in a browser and do not require downloading.
  • The most of the heavy handling is carried out by the service provider that minimizes requirements for setup of system.
  • Cloud apps are updated by the service provider.
  • As the majority of cloud apps is developed for use in the browser, they work on different platforms.
  • In such apps all the data stores in the cloud. Development of cloud apps requires thoughtful evaluation and planning for capacity, scalability, and security.
If you are concerned with the cloud app development, we can help you from the selection of the cloud type to the app support

How we develop web applications

During the years we have elaborated the step-by-step procedure of app development to provide our clients only outstanding software that meets all expectations. Rely on our professionals and get the key to success.

Main stages of development

The modern Internet site can solve a lot of problems of your business: to increase the product demand, to advance marketing tasks, to increase the productivity of work and so forth.Direct creation of the website is preceded by the detailed, complex analysis of determining criteria the future project should correspond.

Project tasks

At this stage, our specialists specify your wishes and expectations, and also make a research of target audience. We collect all the information that will help to constitute idea of the future product.

Prototype design

Here all elements of design are created according to the general concept. The main thing at the design of a website is an ability to develop graphic objects which would be quickly loaded and well looked, irrespective of the Internet browser.

Web application development

Since we determined the functionality and agreed on the design, it is time to create a minimum viable product - an MVP - which is a working program with all main features. You can start using and testing the program, and if everything works properly, we implement additional options and make improvements according to your feedback. All this process is backing up with a continuous testing - every time we integrate a new feature, we check everything to make a program bugs-free.

Testing and debugging

Our professional testers conduct numerous UI/UX and QA tests to make sure that your app not only meets your requirements but also corresponds to our high-quality standards. All the software we produce should be efficient, cost-effective, good-looking and easy to use, becoming the most useful tool for your business.
  • The performance of an app is tested by millions of users to make sure that it can handle the traffic;
  • Every option passes QA tests before the app is launched to obtain the highest quality level;
  • All complex tasks are performed by a user-friendly interface design. Our web solutions will help you to retain customers thanks to great usability;
  • We know the importance of software security for business, so we integrate high-level security procedures to protect your data and reputation.

Let’s make your ideas work

The main purpose of our work is to make your business grow and prosper. Every product of our company combines robust functionality, responsive design, and attractive user interface and can ameliorate user experience of your clients and to increase your productivity.
We offer you:
  • Customized and optimized web applications;
  • Multifunctionality combined with visual attraction;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Development in Java, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML5, and many other programming languages;
  • Software decisions for established corporations, mid-size businesses, and startups;
  • Reliable data security;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Strong maintenance and aftercare.
Let’s discuss what we can do to turn your ideas into life. Contact us and make a step up to future prosperity.