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Create premium applications that incorporate the boldest ideas of ​​high-productivity business tools.

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  • Company overview

    Founded in 2010, our Software Development Company has gained a reputation as a full-cycle mobile application developer that produces the most valued products for global companies:

    • Custom software
    • Solutions for Wearable Devices and Internet of Things
    • Embedded Systems
    • Advanced Web Packages
    • Laptop

    We provide unparalleled expertise in the development team, 8 years of rich project experience and in-depth hardware knowledge in app development, installation, or enhancement.

    Quick Facts

    • Over 150 full-time employees
    • Headquartered in the United States
    • 75% of senior and professional staff groups
    • Fortune 100 Customers
    • Security environment ISO 27002
    • Comprehensive quality assurance strategy

    Client-Oriented Guidance

    Our company is more interested in long-term mutual trust cooperation rather than short-term profits. As developers heal basic intellectual property, patents, and technological innovations, we adhere strictly to data protection regulations (as required by ISO 27002) and ensure a mature and flexible attitude.

    Mobile experience

    Our approach to mobile application development reverts to principles of deep hardware use that maximize the ability to retain hardware components on a smartphone, tablet or other portable device while immersing us in the mobile software programs we build. In this way, our developers' history fully incorporates our diverse tasks into core mobility competencies and low-level mobile applications and has strong talents and business knowledge in a number of other areas.

    Event management application

    Our mobile application developers know the ropes for meetings, exhibitions and various occasions, complex times and high-level media logistical applications. Our team has a rich portfolio of tasks and we develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and custom portable devices with a number of advanced features:

    • Event scheduling
    • Personal Scheduling Control
    • Interactive Site Map
    • Social integration
    • Live video streaming, news and streaming and storage of photos
    • Instant messaging and chat
    • Alarm settings

    By integrating multiple web services, mobile event management applications enable unprecedented updates and access to assets, delivering an unparalleled user experience for all participants in the activity and offline fans.

    Digital image, photo and video applications

    Our developers have extensive hands-on experience in developing electrical designs and firmware and are committed to providing next-generation applications to enhance the functionality of the graphics processor, digital camera and related hardware for mobile phones or tablets.

    These mobile applications are system utilities, powerful combinations of drivers, interactions with components and back-end hardware processes, and client applications that allow easy editing and rapid sharing of created media files. At the end of the day, the cameras get smarter and faster, making all users of smart phones or tablet devices into digital images.

    Advanced digital image processing is also used in our innovative face recognition mobile application. The software goes to the backend database and displays the information retrieved in augmented reality mode as a hologram pop-up title on the display.

    Content Distribution / Media Streaming

    Mobile solutions for distributing multimedia content from media players, media controllers, and renderers to virtual media servers use state-of-the-art components for tremendous performance and connectivity.

    Our developers' experience exceeds standard user programs. They are committed to creating DLNA-licensed solutions and mobile software development kits for any kind of smart home playback device (TV, stereo, PC, STB) to develop business applications to manage phone or tablet connections or network etc.

    Next followed by different virtual entertainment service providers, advertisers and content creators, this knowledge provides a personalized end-user experience through highly interoperable, fast, and easy-to-use tools.

    Applications for smart accessories

    As tech savvy audiences seek additional scanning into their lives, there is a growing call for digital coaching and other insightful devices to help maintain the fit and increase the overall incentive for a hand. The standalone applications provided by our developers can be distributed through the App Store and run on smartphones and mass-market tablets and smart programs delivered through advanced wearable accessories and digital devices equipped with high sensitivity sensors:

    • Activity Tracker
    • Practice Guide
    • Nutrition Assistant
    • Sleep AIDS
    • Games and simulators
    • Smartwatch and iWatch

    Our developers will create a proof-of-concept program to test any advanced technology or idea and put it into mass production.

    iBeacon & BLE Beacon Mobile Solutions

    Warehouses with bulk warehouses, world-class sites with thousands of traffic or retail stores that receive large crowds of consumers - all brought in tracking levels and interactive environments delivered by iBeacon technology and Bluetooth 4.0 intelligence.

    After developing projects related to the b2c and enterprise markets, developers can easily communicate with BLE's intelligent systems and devices and iBeacon devices to enhance the physical experience and optimize the internal workflow.

    Our mobile apps developers create great solutions that use iOS and Android APIs (such as the Core Location API) for geo-targeting and rich power.

    In addition, specialized developers can adopt Beacon implementations. If you do not search elsewhere, you can create a high-performance Internet backend, connect it to Beacon hardware with a lightweight and silent API to continuously provide the information you've gathered and create web-based apps for data visualization and remote management of Beacons Networks Web Panel. If you need to go down to a low level, our developers can attract in-built talents to optimize the performance of Beacon hardware and handheld devices.

    Tech Stack

    We leverage the language, tools, structures, and platforms listed below to make these languages, tools, frameworks, and development platforms useful for accelerating the development of programs to build interactive, compelling mobile solutions.

    • Development Languages: C-Objective, C #, Swift, C / C ++, Java, C / C ++, JavaScript
    • Framework and Components: iOS Cocoa / Cocoa Touch WatchKit CloudKit StoreKit OpenGL Op enCV OpenAL OpenCL Xamarin Cocos2d / Cocos2d-x Unity 3D PhoneGap XCTest Android SDK / NDK Vuforia), Rendering, CUDA, SDL, JUnit, Roblectiric, Robotium
    Presentation layer

    Our developers know how to create highly available, compelling, and intuitive mobile software that is consistent across a variety of mobile devices for functional and visual presentation:

    • UIKit
    • OpenGL ES
    • Quartz core
    • Main Charts
    • HTML + CSS
    ORM and Database

    Professional developers use databases compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and ORM tools and proven database design methods:

    • CoreData
    • SQLite
    • SQLCipher for iOS
    • SQLCipher for Android
    • RestKit
    Development environment

    To maximize development efficiency, developers use native and cross-platform IDE, code libraries, project management, and collaboration tools:

    • Xcode
    • SVN, Git, Mercurial
    • Android Studio
    • Erosion
    • IDE drive
    • MonoDevelop
    • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
    • Google Apps
    Other tools and solutions

    The following tools and solutions accelerate the creation of a higher level of management at each stage of development:

    • iTunes
    • iOS simulator
    • CocoaPods
    • TexturePacker
    • AppCode
    • ImageOptim
    • Android emulator
    • Tiles
    • TexturePacker
    • ImageOptim
    • Ants
    • Inkscape
    • Draw 9 spots
    • Cradle
    • FFmpeg / AVConv

    Ensure the successful development with the specialists

    In addition to its own algorithmic layout, software architecture and user interface introduction, as well as design experience for responsiveness and responsiveness, our team of mobile app developers has taken excellent practices and tested development approaches to create intuitive, Stable mobile solutions for work, entertainment and travel.

    The coding concept

    Support and Maintenance

    Instant support

    Software update

    Advanced research

    Professional application developer

    To be eligible for launch, the utility must meet the following criteria:

    • Easy to use
    • For great performance
    • Reliable and convenient
    • The potential to approve limited memory and CPU tools
    • Low battery consumption
    • Helps to get continuous continuous information between devices and mobile backend
    • Provide smooth, trouble-free operation

    Together with rigorous and transparent project management of our customers, we are committed to offering full cycle expert development services and reduce time to market.

    Our company has been linked to a solid foundation of remanufacturing and support technology to ensure our products are comfortable, trouble-free, and fast overall performance, taking into consideration the continuous usability, usability, and overall productivity improvements of the company and a consistent user.

    • Software Support
    • Preventive and proactive utility maintenance
    • Application Enhancement
    • Performance tuning
    • Security Audit
    • Modernization of traditional applications
    • Gadget tracking
    • Backup and recovery

    We ensure smooth interaction with developers and support staff without loss or interruption of data, performed through proper documentation of all issues and requirements, as well as requirements, improvements and management out of order.

    By default, developers use Atlassian's JAA-based support systems to prioritize, document, and address support issues. However, we are happy to use whatever tool you like. The help desk allows the support team to respond promptly to customer inquiries, test the progress of each joint venture, exchange feedback, and adjust the stock history for each particular case.

    As part of our main support program, we offer the following assistance activities:

    • Troubleshooting, and Error Solutions
    • Software update
    • Machine availability and overall performance tracking

    Our goal of perfection and corrective remediation is to strengthen, redesign, or customize our customers' systems by addressing errors and eliminating outdated features that adversely affect overall performance and functionality.

    Adaptive Maintenance is designed to confirm that changes delivered to the device environment do not affect software and hardware operations and maintain a stable and reliable operation.

    Regular maintenance facilitates upgrades and startup management to identify the latest generation of technology-driven systems.

    Our team has a proven track record of working with the emerging developers of next-generation solutions and the R & D departments that are some of the most sophisticated international business trends. From research and development to prototyping, viability and direct development, testing, maintenance and assistance, we are proud that our capabilities have been established to bring a new range of solutions and advanced technologies to life. A variety of business units:

    • Web
    • E-commerce
    • Content Management / Virtual Content Distribution
    • E-learning
    • E-payment
    • Mobile Business Systems
    • M-trade
    • Media streaming applications

    From feasibility studies to complex and attractive mobile software - we have everything we need to help you drive technology and benefit from the digital marketplace.