How to make apple apps: guide in ios development

For over seven years our team has been providing our clients with powerful and polished applications for iPhone and iPad devices gaining impressive experience in mobile software creation.

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Three ways to make an app

With the mobile industry so rapidly developing and gaining huge popularity among businesses, it is a perfect time to get in on this. Otherwise, you can miss the chance to carve out the place in the niche. And we would be glad to assist interested people in learning how to make Apple apps. Our team would like to present a simple guide in iOS development introducing the tools, technologies, and programming languages are necessary to build an iOS app. We would be happy also to demonstrate various available options for software development for Apple devices, including
  • Learn to code
  • DIY software
  • Hire development agencies

How to code app for apple devices by yourself?

If you are a startup entrepreneur who wants to bring to life a creative idea using your own resources and abilities, you might be interested in learning the development process itself and acquiring coding skills in other words, how to make Apple apps by yourself. The web provides numerous sources of information on this topic letting discover every aspect of the development process. First of all check Apple’s official website where they have posted basics of iOS development called “Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)” or you can get acquainted with Apple’s guide based on Objective-C programming language. Each of them will help to get through the initial setup and teach about basic tools, Apple’s design policies, frameworks and more. With the help of these guidelines, you will be able to make a simple app from scratch and submit it to the Apple App Store. To learn more about coding it is better to address to educational platforms such as Udemy or Codecademy where numerous tutorials on learning programming languages and how to use Apple’s tools are available in plain English. Considering this option be aware of the time and efforts the learning process requires.

What tools are necessary for ios app development?

A native application for iPhone, iPad or iPod can be written only with the help of Objective-C or Apple’s programming language Swift. But the knowledge of one of this language isn’t enough to be able to make an app.

  • First of all, iOS development with the simplified programming language Swift or Objective-C requires Mac running OS X as the Apple’s development tools run only this operating system.
  • Secondly, you will need Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Xcode. It was designed and built specifically for Mac OS X and to use it you will have to either have Mac or install OS X on the computer. Xcode IDE is a graphical interface which presents a complete toolset for developing for iOS platform and includes interface builder, testing tool, and asset management toolkit, and it is free to download from Apple’s site.
  • iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) also includes different APIs and Frameworks which let access additional features enriching available functionality. They include class information, method documentation, and code samples which demonstrate each method and class. With their help developers enables implementation such features as Siri, Maps, Notifications, Touch ID, Social Media and many others.
  • Finally, to use all the privileges that Apple provides and to get an opportunity to publish a software product in the App Store, you need to become a member of Apple Developer Program purchasing an official developer account for $99/year. This membership offers more tools and resources.

Apple’s guidelines

Apple is known to be a strict reviewer who rejects a great deal of apps during their submission for all kind of things, that is why it is necessary to follow Apple’s guidelines to know what is allowed and what is not before you start the project. If you don’t follow their guidelines, you risk to waste time on creating something that Apple won’t let publish. First of all, get acquainted with Human Interface Guidelines, a set of recommendations which will help to improve user experience providing an intuitive and consistent design. Then head to Review Guidelines which will help to navigate the review process and avoid getting a rejection. The common reasons which prevent approval are crashes and bugs, broken links, incomplete information, adult content, so developers should pay special attention to the quality of the program and its content. Finally, be careful studying iOS APIs as they also have guidelines which are useful to know if you integrate them.


Even if the code looks flawless only when you try it out, you can evaluate its performance and user experience. That is why it is good to have some people who can check your code and test the app work. When you become a member of Apple Developer Program, you get an opportunity to use TestFlight which enables developers to invite beta testers via email address. The only thing these testers need to do is to download TestFlight app, and they will manage to run a beta program. One more thing you can do to create conditions for collaborative work is to register for GitHub and link Xcode into it so that other people in your team can access your work and check it.

How to make apple apps with no coding skills?

To reach the audience of over 130 million iOS users is not necessary to know how to code, but use DIY (do-it-yourself) platforms with a WYSIWYG editor. DIY platforms, such as GoodBarber, Appy Pie, or AppMakr, present app builders with simple functionality. That is why, if you an owner of a small business with a very limited budget and business need to create a simple iOS application for advertising purposes this option can become a lifesaver. App makers can even provide you with an opportunity to make a cross-platform application embracing all major platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows and hence enter the mobile market with a universal solution. DIY software doesn’t require coding skills and takes about an hour to make a mobile program. It operates with templates and features button enabling users to design and integrate necessary functionality with a click. The greatest advantage of app creators is the development and maintenance cost which usually do not surpass $100 per month.
Drawbacks of DIY software usage
Information technologies move us forward enabling everyone to create software solutions for mobile devices having no expert skills. But this sounds great only in theory. When it comes to practice, people face numerous disadvantages of this solution and regretting about spent time and money.
  • App creators unable robust functionality integration providing only a limited list of available features. Usually, DIY sites offer only basic features letting make only simple informative programs for mobile devices.
  • The level of customization is pretty low. The template design won’t create unique user interface offering only standard solutions. The personalization will be reflected only in uploaded pictures and content. With many app makers, it is even necessary to pay an extra fee for getting rid of vendor branding and intrusive ads.
  • Apps made in DIY sites can’t boast being invulnerable and safe. Developing a program with app creators, you risk to get an insecure solution and fault-intolerant solution which crashes as soon as is downloaded.
  • A cross-platform solution can’t be a patch on a native application at every aspect, from user experience to performance. Even expert developers struggle to achieve intuitive and bugs-free user experience across a big number of different devices especially when it comes to several operating systems. That is why template builder often fails in delivering practical solutions as it can not ensuring bugs-free user experience.
Work with a development company
So how to make apple apps having no coding skills and running a minor risk? That may sounds familiar, but you should rely on professional who are engaged in mobile app development for years and can boast success stories. Software development requires professional skills and expertise, practice and proven techniques, experience and understanding of the industry. A professional development company has all these things providing certain guarantees:
  • They understand users’ needs and know how to meet them;
  • Experienced UI/UX designers ensure unique and customized interface design implementing business visual identity;
  • Team of skilled programmers can integrate any required functionality including web server backup;
  • Trusted companies keep their customers informed about every detail in the project development, asking for their feedback so that developers could meet client’s needs completely;
  • A team of dedicated experts provides a quality assurance delivering a first-class product.
The main drawback of hiring app development company is the cost of the development but when it comes to information technologies and the way they can improve your business efficiency and productivity you should keep in mind that with a right team app will become a cost-effective solution.
Finally, Apple apps built with DIY platforms are not aimed at generating a return on investment. If you want to get profit, you need to provide users with a highly usable application, what means that it should have a unique and remarkable design, provide empowering functionality and demonstrate smooth performance. DIY sites are unable yet to provide such products.

Work with our team!

Our expertise and experience in iOS app development have been proven with our stellar reputation in the mobile industry. For over seven years we have been working with small and big businesses providing them with world-class iOS solutions and creating strong bonds with our customers. We have a deep industry insight and know how to achieve customers’ that is why if you are bearing in mind some amazing app idea for the business development, our team will be happy to make it something real. Call us and ask questions, tell us about your project and be sure that you entrusted your innovative idea to a right development team.