These creative ideas were transformed into tangible value

Account Office
(a budgeting app)

One of our customers is always on the move due to countless business trips. That is why he needed an app which could synchronize with the customer’s cloud-based accounting package and keep him informed on how his business is doing. The tool provides all key performance indicators and cash flow with all the costs and revenues. All the data displayed into an intuitive and easy to comprehend manner, simplifying the work with the app. It also provides regular reports which can be emailed and printed for further collaborative analysis with the accountant.

(a web portal for documents management)

Our client’s business is run in correspondence with strict documentation. And he approached us with an idea of a single place for safe storage and processing of the company’s technical documents. We designed and developed a web portal that provides company staff with access to the latest document versions. This app ensures safe and efficient working environment with quick and advanced search system and opportunity to seamlessly share updated documents.

Legal Cases
(a management system for data storage and processing)

A legal firm deals with hundreds of cases every year. Pretty often their cases require a collaborative work with a whole team of paralegals. To simplify and streamline their work company approached us with an idea to build a web-based tool which will help them to discover the case quickly and safely. We developed a comprehensive web-based review tool which can process a heavy volume of data and support multiple document formats. The system includes three types of users providing them different levels of access. Thus, system administrators can upload documents and manage user roles, while paralegals can edit and view those documents which are permitted.

(a web portal for recruiting)

A startup company from Switzerland shared with other their idea to develop a portal with professionally oriented social network elements where people could post job offers and apply for relevant offers. Our team developed a 4-lingual website designing a user-friendly interface making it easier for users to build business connections with professionals globally. After site visitors register on the site they can fill in the CV and send them to employers, while employers can post new job offers, promote themselves, publish recent news, downloads the CVs and interconnect with the applicant. Our software engineers also ensured that it would be fast even when it has high user attendance. And administrators have all the abilities to control the site activity and collect it statistics.

(a social network for IT specialists)

Once we collaborated with another IT professional from San Francisco, who engaged us in developing an exciting project which implied a platform where tech experts could share their opinion on challenging IT questions. We combined PHP and Yii Framework to create a social networking portal for developers. Besides the opportunity to find out other professional opinion and share your own expertise, users can also search for projects, technologies, and organizations.

Women Only
(Entertainment and information women web portal)

Our client wanted to create an interactive website for women inspired by a YouTube demo video of the framework. Our customer wanted to implement some social networking elements allowing site visitors to communicate and share their opinions. Our front-end developers successfully and seamlessly combined visual animation with client’s heavy content such as images but still preserving fast loadability. To ensure smooth performance, we decided not to use mass solutions such as jQuery but to write our own code so it could work properly. We also used responsive design techniques to make site looks and feels good on any screen size and resolution. The site doesn’t require registration and provide its visitors unique regularly updating content letting users leave comments and share articles via popular social networks.