The Best Web Development Software Creators: Programming is our passion

We create professional web-based software to drive your business.

IT programs to transform your business

Using the best of progressive web software development techniques, our engineers have carefully designed and implemented the best code supported by the layout to ensure the product is profitable and optimized for your business.

  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • blackberry
  • html5
  • php
  • css3
  • python
  • Meet and exceed expectations

    Project managers use modern strategies to visualize the scope, schedule, value and satisfaction of each development project for delivery on schedule and on budget. Whether it's MVP sharp or the goal of time-to-market, we all choose the best recipe.

    Develop and create software

    Experienced engineers recognize that error-free code is the most profitable long-term code. As the best web development software practice, we believe that testing is the responsibility of the software development team and the QA department because quality is not an independent feature but an integral part of the software production.

    Obtain and maintain success

    Your team may need additional training in the technologies we use, because we pair them for training and promise the best possible way. Our experts are ready to consult or provide team expansion to help you progress faster.

    Full-cycle web development


    We do not have a minimum requirements policy, or professionals study their concepts, find sparks, and establish the best direction. Get ready for hundreds of questions about your business, problems, and essentials - helping pave the way for the entire software development process.


    The prototype is older than anything else, so it must be done correctly. That's why we tested the concepts in some iterations, so the team started using a professional approach.


    One of the common blessings of having in-house designers and developers and product managers is that we are able to build and change the speed and accuracy of the best designs.


    This is where the goal is to get into rock. Web developers apply techniques to achieve high quality overall performance without compromising visual appeal.


    We are the most discerning commentator, so having a well-equipped quality assurance team is a key and must-have standard.

    Helping to support

    Our company provides technical documentation and technical assistance and accurate mobile software as well as technical assistance in progress.

    Content management system

    Network products will help you promote your business on the World Wide Web in a specialized and powerful way. CMS software gives you full control over the content you provide, from subpages to menus, just as you would any content item. In addition, content data can be managed simply and intuitively in many specific languages.

    The main features of the page layout include:

    • Use a proven system (Drupal, Wordpress, Zend Framework, Laravel)
    • Page and page module presentation
    • Keyword Management (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Image and animation factors
    • Friendly management panel
    • Search online, banner
    • Development of the Content Management System
    • The final features of the web product will be tailored to your needs and needs


    We create and launch a dedicated online store. Our offer includes:

    • Magento online store
    • Online product catalog and Serps
    • Integrate with price comparison engines (such as Webkupiec, Ceneo.Pl, etc.) and auction sites (such as the Allegro API)
    • Implement indicators to track productivity (conversion, ROI, etc.)
    • Integration with other systems

    Our software building company offers bespoke solutions for coordinated promotions (such as landing pages), optimized integration with popular messaging systems (such as SMS), and internet sites for more aggressive promotion on Google's search engines (such as users / URL compatible with the engine, page title management, etc.).

    Big Data and Cloud Solutions

    IT Consulting and Outsourcing

    To make our service more complete, too

    Our company offers the following services in the area of ​​IT consulting

    Our company allows local and international customers to embrace great data and cloud ideas - and recreate it in the best ready-to-use Web software.

    • The team uses the following tools to support companies in fulfilling their business aspirations
    • Important information: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hive, PIQ, Kafka, HDFS, Sqoop
    • BI Framework: BIRT, Business Object 11, Jasper Reporting BI, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView Server
    • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
    • Server-side software, using J2EE: JSP, JSF-PrimeFaces, GWT, Vaadin, Liferay Portal, Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring, Maven, Memcached

    Benefiting from a wealth of information and experience, our team is able to identify IT tasks for US and international companies and provide bespoke solutions. Our mission is to use our effective, comfortable and reliable software to meet the needs of our customers with total confidence. The main advantages of outsourcing are:

    • Optimize the price of IT products and reduce the financial investments that are critical to creating and maintaining a high level of competence
    • By using the best of external network development professionals to increase the flexibility of the company, you can respond quickly to changes in the market
    • As IT operations move to external software development companies, companies can focus on their core businesses.
    • Our development team offers the following outsourcing service
    • Create and implement the best and most advanced web applications (PHP, MySQL, MsSQL, Flash, Coldfusion, Javascript, etc.)
    • Design and develop laptop program
    • Create and configure a web databas
    • Provide protection support for current software
    • Expand new structures and software and upgrade existing frameworks and software
    • In the evaluation of companies and the needs assessment phase was put in cooperation (and continue in the life cycle of the entire software)
    • Seminar on Organization of Customer Network Resources
    • Create a test plan and ensure proper quality assurance.
    • Implement new solutions in the current development environment (integration with other systems)
    • Provide full cost control on fixed price contract versions
    • Manage projects in proven methods and structures such as V models, waterfalls or agile projects such as Kanban, Scrum,
    • Assigned support tools for teams (to improve communication and document control, such as Jira, Slack, Youtrack, Basecamp, etc.).
    • Write documentation related to business analysis and requirements analysis
    • Verify the purity of intellectual property patents
    • Review IT structure of supported features

    Non-functional parameters: maintenance, portability of other structures and more.

    The audit was conducted primarily through confidentiality agreements aimed at adequately protecting personal information. Our company will provide you with the best team of professionals and experts, as well as system security, innovation, performance, source code quality assessment, essential development, business analysis and more.

    The right team for the progress

    We recognize the challenges of adopting new technologies and tools. With that in mind, our team is happy to make sure your business is successful.

    Pioneering this industry

    Our IT staff is always ready to provide the best digital tools and resources as team members innovate every year to drive the technology.

    Management and execution of high quality projects

    The integrated approach allows us to quickly clear the problem and maintain balance and maintainability to ensure that each project is completed on time and in budget.

    UI / UX Design

    Apply the Right Technology

    Do you need to update the brand image?

    By putting your expectations in the direction of developing web software that meets the best market trends, ITG experts offer not only attractive product ideas but also sales promotions that are consistent with what customers are looking for.

    Our brand development services include:

    • More and more phrases / signs and figurative requirements
    • Ready for any visible identity (book marks)
    • Compile the layout of electronic courses and DTPs materials
    • Create product packaging design

    Want to make existing content more attractive?

    The data and tables provided are more engaging and less complicated because the data is best viewed visually. Illustrations that can be well chosen and have a stable style, complemented with multimedia presentations and give you a contemporary look and more professional.

    Our content enhancements include:

    • Multimedia Display Layout
    • Visual numbers, tables, graphs,
    • Static illustration (eg drawing, photo)
    • Dynamic illustrations (such as video, 2D and 3D animation)
    • Infographics

    Do you need new packaging for your software?

    Customers mainly use the eyes to buy, the online software is a quality and show product value. We provide solutions that combine your software concepts with market trends and customer expectations.

    Our package design offerings include:

    • Develop packaging based on the idea of ​​best practice archetypes
    • Another way to create or re-promote the graphic image of a product
    • In the production of packaging provide advice and help

    System Integration

    • Pay online (for example, Mango Pay, Allegro PayPal, GoCardless, SagePay, etc.)
    • Support and automation of the revenue / ad system (eg Salesforce.Com, Oracle Eloqua, MS Dynamics CRM, etc.).
    • Monitor user behavior (getClicky, Google Universal Analytics, etc.).
    • Economical and accounting network structure (salesperson, CDNA Optima, etc.)

    Our systems integration assistance includes the preparation of the test and production environment. Through the API, Web services and other programming interface to achieve the best features.

    Our team has a wide range of tools, platforms and best web skills. The preferred technicians are Ember, Elixir and Phoenix. They are created and supported by a huge open source network, followed by leading companies. They can easily migrate network engineering teams and provide long-term maintenance capability. It's also useful to have a developer from Phoenix and Ember's best engineer at home.


    The ashes are built for productivity. Focus on design time in the development of ergonomics, friendly API to help you get things done quickly. It has a normal idiomatic usage, so you can focus on what makes your application unique, not reinventing the wheel. With an integrated model that is replaced by a machine-based fact change, the amount of code can be drastically reduced.


    Elixir is a dynamic language oriented to developing the best scalable and sustainable applications. It leverages Erlang's virtual machines to run low-latency, fault-tolerant, and distributed fabrics while also being used properly in the best Web development and embedded software.


    Phoenix combines the simplicity and fun of writing contemporary web packages, combining proven technology with brilliant and practical ideas. Leverages the ability of the Erlang virtual machine to handle millions of connections, as well as the Elixir syntax and efficient tools for the development of fault tolerant structures.