Android development: how to make a successful app for Android platform

Our development company specialises in mobile app development, but our expertise enables us to provide software solutions of any complexity and meeting the most challenging goals.

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Professional Android developers

We use our experience helping businesses to deal with their challenges and solve problems starting with optimization of internal processes to customers attraction. And Android development plays a crucial role in reaching a global audience with over 80% market share. Since Android belongs to Google, such an advanced technology company, our developers can help you to benefit from the offered opportunities provided by Google services so that you could grow the user base and monetize your ideas generating a high return on investment.

First step in Android app development

Mobile technologies help bridge consumers with businesses improving customer relationships and brand awareness, making services more accessible and automating time-consuming operations. But Android devices fragmentation makes many developers struggle with creating a great experience which will ensure usability and intuitivity on all screen sizes of each brand devices. But even before coding the important thing is to define the idea, to research the market and carefully plan the project. So what to start the development with?

Know your audience

For any business, it is essential to determine target audience and know the consumer. Only having an understanding of what difference the app can make in consumers’ day-to-day life you can create a product that meets their needs and hence achieve the business goals. What should the app be like so that they downloaded it on their Android devices? What features will be attractive to them? How can the app fit seamlessly into users’ routines? Research a buyer persona including customer demographics, motivations, goals and behavior patterns. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to develop a solution that addresses them.

Research the market

Unlike in the case of iOS apps, Android review is less restricted and let developers more freedom for customisation. At the same, it sometimes concedes the submission of poor-quality software with buggy experience in a large number. The quantity of apps in the Google Play is enormous, and even if you target a particular category, you will face a huge competition with both first-class and low-quality apps. To distinguish your product from the variety of others, it is necessary to study the competitors and their key to success and reasons to fails. Read comments and complaints of the users under the apps descriptions in the Google Play Store and identify what you should do to stand out from the rivals according to the users’ feedback.

Select target devices

A huge number of devices running Android platform is an advantage for audience reach and disadvantage for the qualitative development. Besides the fact that every device has different hardware and screen resolution, some brands use the opportunity to make changes in the Android operating system as it is an open-source platform. And every detail in the device appearance and stuff influence the way the program performs and looks like. Such factors as a possibility that the consumers may use older devices with limited capabilities should also be considered. When you create a bespoke Android application, you should keep in mind that this platform still has a lot of active versions of operating systems. Don’t try to embrace them all. It is hardly even possible, focus on the most relevant devices. For instance, if you have a website and can monitor it via Google Analytics, find what devices most often visit your site and make a list of target devices for which developers will write the program. This will enable programmers to include device-specific peculiarities and test the app on all Android devices in your list making sure that everything performs as it should be.

Determine key specification

Android development for a number of devices can be a heavy investment and its functionality influence the cost as well. Don’t stuff your Android MVP with a ‘nice-to-have’ features, first of all, prove that your idea works with its core functionality implementation. Hence it is useful to create concrete instructions for developers so that they knew what features should be incorporated. According to this features set, Android developers will be able to define the cost of your project and create a scalable architecture which implies the presence of specific functionality. Think of the app monetization strategy, would the program have in-app advertising or purchases, is it going to be free or paid. It is always better to know in advance what app will include so that programmers could create a solid foundation.

Launch plan and marketing

Building an Android app is just a part of the job. The next step is to market it. And if you worked with reliable developers who delivered you a high-quality solution, then it will be easier to retain the users you attract with a proper marketing strategy.
  • If you want your Android app to go viral, ensure its coverage from influential bloggers and press releases. Connect big players of your niche before the development is over. If you build bonds with these people, they will be more likely to promote the program.
  • Content marketing, social media, such as advertising in Facebook, and SEO will help you to set up for the results in the longer prospects.
  • When your app is developed, pay special attention to the app description in the Google Play. Users make their decision whether to download an app or not based on its description. That is why it should cover the basics about the program functionality and how users can benefit from it.
Professional Android development companies, like ours, will help you to select the app category and write its description so that it could engage Google Play visitors and convert them into your app users.

Find a reliable development partner

In spite of the wide choice of app development companies, it can be difficult to find the right development partner to build your program. Some entrepreneurs spend too little time on the development of their product and focusing only on promotion, but marketing will work only if it is based on a qualitative solution, robust code, and solid architecture which ensure smooth performance and great user experience. To achieve this goal you need to find real experts in Android app development.
Our expertise in android development
Our company has a fully-fledged department of highly-skilled and experienced Android developers. With a team of designers, programmers and QA experts, we deliver awesome apps that can boast both empowering functionality and appealing design. The combination of these two aspects and good quality we always strive to enable us to create mobile programs for an Android operating system which users love and keep on their home screen. Our competence let us benefit from Android software development kit (SDK) using all the privileges of Google’s development tools including libraries, emulator, debugger and code samples.
Technologies we use
As far as we have IT specialists of every level our team can build Android apps with both Eclipse IDE and Android Studio which is officially supported by Google taking advantages of each of them. As far as Android SDK supports older versions of this operating system as well, our team can provide you with a solution that targets both old and new Android devices. Our expertise embraces all the tools available in the Android NDK and SDK package as well as third-party development tools such as Corona SDK, Visual Studio and Xamarin.

Our development process

Our team utilize proven development methods ensuring that we can meet our customers’ expectations. Whether you have a fixed project brief or just a basic idea of the app, our team will find the most suitable development methodology ensuring that it fits you. Our development team works perfectly well with agile methods and waterfall methodology providing customers either flexible and iterative approach or fixed and documented development.

Idea verification

Our programmers write a readable code creating a robust and scalable architecture. To ensure code quality developers review it on every story level and after implementation of every feature. At first, we deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) which illustrates the app core functionality and lets the customer try it out and see if it meets the requirements. As we get customer’s feedback, we continue work on the program making changes and implementing other features till it fits client’s needs.


Our business analysts and experienced project managers start a collaboration with estimation of project idea and market research. We help you to define target audience, features set, and outstanding software solution that perfectly matches your needs. Our team helps you to get through this exploring and analysing activity increasing project success chances.


Our design department ensures that your app will look perfect on all target devices adjusting to different screen sizes and resolutions. UX designers take care of its user-friendliness providing seamless navigation within the program. UI designers polish user interface making it attractive for target audience and also implement customer’s visual identity as branding helps to distinguish the product from the competition and promote your business via the mobile market.

Quality assurance

The work of a QA department is a continuous process which starts at the verification stage and keeps going till the launch. QA experts analyze the project before we start coding to foresee potential challenges and find the solutions for them eliminating serious bugs. Since we have an MVP, our team tests its performance, loadability, security, intuitivity and other aspects related to the app work and user experience. After we finish the development process and help you to get approval after the submission, our team can also offer after launch maintenance.

Let’s build a successful Android app!

If you are ready to start the development of your Android app project or have some questions about it, get in touch with our IT consultant! We will use experience and expertise to assist you with your concerns. Don’t hesitate to tell about your app project and get professional idea estimation and a free quote. Let’s make your ideas real!