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We take great pride in our work, and many other software development companies have taken notice of the ways in which our experts are able to deliver fully integrated software using the latest mobile technology.

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Our company

  • B2B software developers that specialize in 100% tailored solutions
  • An experienced team who knows the ins and outs of web and mobile application creation that helps our clients to grow and see returns from their bespoke software
  • Oriented towards designing software that address the specific needs and industry realities of our clients to expand existing success and strengths into the digital marketplace
  • Well-versed in numerous platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows

Our services

Experienced programmers create powerful and perfectly coded programs to realize our clients’ ideas in ways that transform their companies and deliver the greatest ROI possible.

Mobile technology offers many exciting possibilities not available in other mediums, and our teams use smart device technology in all their projects, including:
  • Photo/Video recorders
  • Audio recorders
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS
  • Touchscreens
  • Much more!
Beyond hardware, much of the existing software in these devices lets us include:
  • Built-in payment mechanisms
  • Push notifications
  • Personalised accounts
  • Existing audiences
It doesn’t matter the size of your company or the scope of your project, we can design and built a solution to enhance efficiency, cut costs, promote your brand and much more to capture customers and empower your employees.
  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • blackberry
  • html5
  • php
  • css3
  • python
  • js

iOS app development

A fundamental part of our business comes from the creation of tablet and smartphone apps for Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. The quality and capabilities of these devices allow us to create powerful instruments with stunning detail. As a software development company that has worked across many industries, we have learned how to deliver the same first-rate design and functionality regardless of the industry and how to maximize each application in its sectors.

Apple offers many advantages in terms of stability, security and a large marketplace with massive earning potential, but also restricts itself with rigid standards and guidelines all applications must adhere to. We have learned the many nuances of designing iOS applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch and know how to select and design the software tool that will not only meet all of Apple’s requirements, but match those of your enterprise using features like:
  • Built-in search
  • Push notifications
  • User registration
  • Data feeds
  • Geolocation
  • Social media implementation
  • Advertising
  • Much more!

Android app development

Devices running Google’s Android operating system account for more than 80% of all smartphone users worldwide. Businesses looking for an enormous potential global market often turn to us for a personalized Android application. The crucial factor in Android technology that separates it from iOS app development is the wide variety of devices that Android runs on that have diverse resolutions, screen sizes and capabilities that a developer must optimize for simultaneously.

Thankfully the open-source Linux-based OS offers a solution to this problem, and our developers understand how to create high-quality applications with extensive functionality that work for all users and reach the largest audience. Our developer team can assist you in forming a strategy that will maximize your ROI and offer users the largest range of useful features, such as analytics, database integration, and media embedding, to increase brand identity, sales and business efficiency.

Other os app development

Each audience has different behaviors and characteristics that determine what the best approach for our clients may be, and while Android and iOS dominate the market, many clients find the best approach for them is to build an application for other operating systems, such as Windows. In the same ways that we are able to adapt between the major OSs, our team can also build powerful programs for other desktop and mobile devices and still guarantee the same high quality and efficiency they expect from us.

Web-based app development

Mobile technology is not the only sphere in which big changes have been taking place, and optimizing for the web with or without an application is important for any modern business. We combine our experience in HTML5 and CSS3 to bring user experience to the next level and realize the potential of any device with an internet connection through features like swipe and zoom gestures, audio and video embedding, database integration and more. Combining a markup language with high-level programming languages like PHP, Swift or C++ permits users to still benefit from a company’s web offerings even when offline. Another distinct advantage of web applications is their accessibility by users on any device or operating system, making them attractive when compared to more restricted native applications on Android, iOS and others.

Our expert HTML5 team can help your build a strategy and create cross-platform web applications that:
  • Reach the maximum target audience
  • Cross market sectors
  • Incorporate flexible design and styling
  • Adapt to any screen and device
  • Fit limited budgets

The principles of our software development company

Each project is a collaborative effort and our team is happy for any and all feedback from our clients, because we achieve our best results when working closely together as a team. We value and implement input from our clients at every stage of development, from initial brainstorming about the best solution to meet your business goals and budgets through post-launch upgrades and maintenance.
Our process begins with two simple questions:
  • What are your primary goals?
  • What do you want to achieve with this program?
Once our team has solid answers, our programmer team has a foundation on which they can build the perfect custom solution for your needs. Throughout development an iterative approach is followed that involves rigorous testing and assessment to ensure all requirements are met, which benefits us in both efficiency and flexibility to make changes, cutting down on software creation time and getting you to market faster. After mapping out core features, we begin creating a minimum viable product (MVP), which is the barebones working version that runs on that core functionality and is ready for you to use. From there more layers are added to further enhance the final results and create a high-quality, bug-free business application.
Designing the ui and ux
Great functionality goes to waste without great design that captures users’ attention and gets them to keep using your product. It is important that each application is both visually appealing and provides users with an intuitive flow so that they can easily navigate through your features. Working closely with your branding team to follow your guidelines, we design an application that matches and showcases your company’s identity. That includes everything, starting with the app icon and extending to the menus, color scheme and beyond.
User experience
We do extensive UX testing as soon as there is an initial mockup of the layout, making certain that it will be easy for futures users to understand how to operate your application with minimal instruction. To achieve this, a group of examiners is assembled who most closely resemble the target audience, who then test the software and offers feedback on their experience, which is then used to make improvements. Every click, swipe and action of a user’s journey is analysed to find the perfect flow.
User interface
As soon as there is a logic established in our applications, our app designers provide our clients with several options for their visual design. Our designers strike a balance between your existing brand identity and what our experience and research shows us will impress users and stand out from the competition. We further configure all of our designs so that they maintain the same seamless high quality on whatever device they appear so that your users enjoy the same engaging and eloquent design everywhere they go.
Quality control
A glitchy program will never succeed in the app markets of today’s platform. That is why our team strive to provide flawless software that becomes an asset for your users, not a headache. Achieving this is no simple task given the large number and variety of devices and operating system that are used today, but we see to it that all of our projects pass the rigorous testing needed to get into marketplaces like the App Store and Google Play with flying colors. Our QA regime includes:
  • Review of essential features to meet user expectations
  • Testing of each code unit at each stage of development
  • Testing of all code to measure program efficiency
  • Stress testing to check that software functions in all conditions
  • Identification and protection of vulnerable areas to ensure complete security against hacks
Launch support and upkeep
We know how to provide our clients with a competitive edge that propels their product to the top of the charts at its release. Digital marketing specialists from our company can assist with:
  • Mobile advertising
  • App overviews
  • Social Media placement
  • Marketing analytics
With the full array of services you rest assured that you have a ready audience on the day of the launch, that the word continues to grow, that you are in control of all useful monitoring metrics and that you are ideally positioned to adapt to changes and continue to grow. Even after launch our team is ready to continue working towards continued success with upkeep and upgrades that keep your software innovative and popular with users.

Why choose our software design agency?

Advanced software engineers, analysts, developers, and designers are united in their efforts to produce world-class software solutions for our clients on each project. Their knowledge and experience extends across numerous platforms, programming languages and industries. From start to finish, our development staff walk you through every step of the software creation process to make working with us as simple as possible in this complex sphere. When you work with us, you know that your developers:

  • Know tech, understand business and appreciate the real deliverables you expect from the creation of bespoke software. That’s why our focus is on results that can be quantified and add true value to your business.
  • Follow a flexible and comprehensive development methodology that reduces time to market and delivers error-free end products.
  • Maintain access to a number of premier coding instruments, libraries, and other resources that make our coders able to complete their tasks more quickly and reliably than most of our competitors.
  • Adhere to the same pristine standards of quality on all platforms and technology that so that our clients reach the largest number of users possible.
  • Guarantee security and stability in our products to keep your business running and protected.
  • Treat you with the respect you deserve, not just listening to feedback, but acting on it to produce software and applications with a perfect record of customer satisfaction.

Increase your ROI as we take your project from concept to customer acquisition, guiding you through all obstacles along the way. All you need to do is get in touch with us today!